3 Jun 2014

3 Serangkai dalam Aksi

Together with Jane Pranata from Cherry Eve and Lili Krist from Personal Collection, we challenge ourselves to make design or series of design from beads sent by each of us. We call us Triumvirate in Action or in Bahasa Indonesia 3 Seangkai dalam Aksi.

We already started since last month April 2014 with Lili as the beads sender and these were the beads that she sent:

The yellow beaded beads were handmade by Lili.

And I made these

For May, it was my turn to send the beads and these were the beads:

My theme was "All about Turquoise" and I handmade the wire crochet beads and the clasps.

This is my design for this challenge

This month I was in love with beads embroidery using cabochon (this is my 2nd time I used this technique) ...so that was I made for the last 2 designs. However I can't forget the wire, so I put a little bit of wire to make accent for the bead chain. To tie the bead chain I use the blue rope.

For designs made by my two friends please go to this page Lili Krist and Jane Pranata

And now I wait with excitement for the beads send by Jane...

2 Jun 2014

Monthly Challenge

I participated in the Monthly Challenge by Lili Krist for May 2014. I made it really close to the end of the month (it just me...doing everything in the last minute). The idea is from a movie called Gravity.

If you want to know the movie's story, you can find it here

I thought to use blue color to represent the outer space from human eyes. When I search my stash I found this blue druzy which pretty much remind me of land and cliff in a planet seeing from the sky.

 On Saturday as always I saw Cosmos, a space time odyssey in National Geographic TV............. it discussed about the solar energy.And when I saw the sun with its fluorescent energies, I just knew that was what I wanted to make. At first I am thinking of using orange beads to represent the sun, however I was not feel like the color at the time so I change it to blue..... and this the result................BROOCH OF THE COSMOS

I like how it turned out... it is so blue......

2 Mar 2014

Cabochon Embroidery

Recently I learned how to make cabochon embroidery - single cabochon. I still in the very early stage of learning this technique and I still find difficulty in making  a neat back of the brooch. These are my works:

New Blog and This Blog

Last time when I have trouble with this blog, I made a new blog called My Maniks, I used different blog provider to make myself experiencing different type of blogging. Now, although this blog is already cured from its disease, I still use my new one and I am planning to use both blogs actively.

I use My Maniks for all the challenges I followed and maybe later I am thinking to change it to my online shop......... "someday when I can be a full timer".

So, welcome to my blogs and enjoy....

9 Feb 2014

Be Careful when opening this site

Please be careful when opening my site. Someone has put a pop-up ads which will bring you to his/her page. I still have no idea how to remove the ads and taking back my blog, but I really hope this person will be ashamed to his/her behavior which is taking something that is not belong to his/hers

29 Jun 2013

My Country......of Thee I Bead................................ The Reveal

Whooosssss..... I almost miss the deadline.....Thank's God.... it is still the 29th June 2013........I have to run my fingers as fast as I can to reach the finish line.....

Before starting I like to thank Nan Smith for including me in this challenge and to my friends from Indonesia, who are also in this challenge, Lilikrist and Asri Wahyuningsih (who now live in USA).
I am from Indonesia, a lovely country spread across the equator....If you do not know where it is please look at Dini's map in Nan's blog ....( love the map very much)
.... I copy it here.

On the right....just over Australia....  lays Indonesia with its islands in red and white colors. The data showed that there are about 17,508 islands (the data varies), big and small, spread along the country. The length of all the islands combined with the seas is 5150 km and the width is 1700 km with the area of the lands is 1,9 million km2 and the area of the seas is 7,9 million km2. I cite the statistics just to show that the country is so wide but on the other hand the islands are spread along the areas... this is one reason among other that made us have so many ethnic groups, each have their own culture...... So for this challenge I picked one from Java island, to be precise from central Java.

This is what I made for my beloved country

the overall look

 The chain

The pendant

Recently I was crazy in love to wire crochet..... so that's what I made for this challenge....I used this technique for this jewelry, both for the pendant and for the chain.

Now the story about the pendant.... it shows 3 figures which we, in Indonesia, called "Wayang" or in English translated as puppet. The Wayang's is played by a "Dalang" (director) and because the Dalang sits and plays the puppets behind a screen and the viewers only can see the shadow of the puppets, the show is called "shadow puppet". To show what I mean, this is a show of "Wayang":

The Dalang plays the puppet (from the Dalang view)

The viewers see the shadow of the puppet

The show usually tells the stories of Mahabrata or Ramayana- India's story adopted by Indonesian's about 1500 year BC- and it takes about 8 hours or so.

My pendant consists of 3 characters from Ramayana, from left to right, Sinta, her husband Rama, and Rama's brother, Laksmana. Ramayana is a love story between Rama and Sinta. Rama is supposed to be a King in Ayodya but he was exiled from his country so that his step brother (Bharata) can be a king of Ayodya. During the isolation, Sinta was kidnapped by an evil giant-Rahwana. But good always win against the bad, so Rama can win his wife back and they live happily ever after. These are their pictures as Wayang;
 Rama and Sinta


This story is played by dancers every full moon in Candi Prambanan (Prambanan Temple) near Yogyakarta (a city in Central Java) and also was put as reliefs in the temple. This is the picture of the dancers playing Ramayana in front of the Prambanan Temple.

Now back to the necklace, I made the chain with white and red color as an image of our flag, our symbol of bravery and purity. 

Hope you like my  necklace and my story....

And these are all other participants, have fun to blog hop in each country;

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27 Apr 2013

whoooopppssss.....Bead Soup Blog Party 3 rd reveal......

I am very late to published my works.... this Saturday is a very-very busy day. I have to complete furniture purchasing for my office today so that on Monday everyone can work with new furniture. I just got home very tired but remember that I haven't upload my works..... so stop feeling miserable and start to work....

Today is the 3rd reveal day....whewwww.... lucky me I have finished my work days ago. Actually, I planned to change the necklace, but as I think more I decided to stick to my 1st attempt. To remind you on the bead soup sending by Elizabeth Jones, these are they...... very cute......

And these are the end results:

I used the clasp and the focal in different places. I put the clasp in the 1st bracelet, while the focal I put it in the necklace.The 2nd bracelet is for all the other beads left. I use viking knit as accent in the necklace and make it as simple as possible to give more focus to the focal. For the color, I choose the earthy colors.... brown, yellow and green.....

Hopefully Elizabeth likes what I did to the bead soup ingredients she sent......

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