23 Mar 2012

Again...... wire crochet project.....

 I thought wire crochet projects published on line were not as many as other wire works. However I've come to some very good links if you like to learn how to make wire crochet, like this one http://www.handmade-jewelry-club.com

Although it only has one wire project, but we can always make varieties of it. Like what I finished yesterday.

The bracelet is supposed to be made in three rows and more loose, so we can see each bead was placed one after another. But when I used this stones, the wire got wrinkle and shortened.... and all the beads crumpled..... But I think it kind of nice and I like it... :)

14 Mar 2012

My butterfly brooches

I always adore butterflies.... they are so beautiful and colorful.... I made butterfly brooches and these are they:

And also from wire:

Wire Crochet

I love wire crochet.... loveeeee it very much.... and it seems that many people love it, so I have some orders on the crochet bracelets and below are the pictures. I used natural stones bought in the Gem stones market in Jatinegara, flowers from Dnayra Sweet and Studio Manik (red and white flowers), and agate from Manik Jawa.

light brown wire crochet bracelet

green wire crochet bracelet

light brown wire crochet with flower 
purple wire crochet bracetlet

To crochet wire, what we need is wire (28 ga) and a crochet needle, like this:

My other wire crochet works are:

Sooo... lets crochet the wire.........