14 May 2012

Kowani Fair

I joint a show run by Kowani and IWAPI (Indonesia Women Entrepreneur Organization) from 9-13 May 2012... which was last week.....
Love it very much.... all participants were small enterprises or individuals. Many brought traditional items.... not as unique as in INACRAFT but still they were different...
Some which I like very much were batiks, tapis lampung, stones for jewellery......

For Batiks and tapis Lampung.... they revitalized old motives and used it with additional new designs or colors... very beautiful..

Now about me... I joint the show with 2 friends, Tini and Evi. They were both very creative and made our booth very beautiful as you can see in the pictures:

These are the pictures of our booth.... beautiful isn't it? and looked very vintage. We used curtain (taken from Tini's bedroom) with flower motives and used it as a background and put all the shawls we have (as long as there were red and purple colors in it). And if you see the table with white table cloth (top picture), it was not a table cloth at all, it was a curtain :)

So we used all that we have to make our booth looked incredible... Tini has earring hooks made from iron with a branch of tree shape (top picture). it really is unique.

And this is the three of us in front of our booth:
Evi - Me - Tini

New brooches

I made some brooches from stones and crystal yesterday.... I finished them, but I still feel unsatisfied, These are they:

I used stones and crystal - although I'm not sure what are the names of the stones. The green and purple stones are from Dnayra Sweet, while the top picture are consist of big stone from Studio Manik and small stones from Dnayra Sweet,

I love to see your comments on the brooches. I really like to change them.... but still unsure how...

New Wire Crochet Project

This is my newest project on wire crochet. I made this necklace using rose quartz from Manik Jawa and wire copper. I love the soft pink color which embodied  this necklace and made it looked very delicate.

What d'you think?