27 Jan 2013

7th Bead Soup Blog Party - The Registration

Wowwwww...... I can't believe that I'll be a part of a party that is sooo famous..... bead soup blog party was started by Lori Anderson and this year is the 7th! The participants are almost reach 500 from all over the world. Could you imagine how big is the party.... and I am a part of it.There is my name in this link http://www.prettythingsblog.com/2013/01/sign-ups-are-open-for-7th-bead-soup.html

I have thinking of my soup for several days..... and I starting to choose of what I will send to my partner.Hopefully it will be a nice blend of ingredients that can make a tasty and hot soup.

La...la...la.... I feel like dancing....

Nowww.... let's start preparing the soupppp ingredients .....

25 Jan 2013

1st Indonesia Bead Swap - The Beginning

This week I dealt with a mixture of all feeling that exist in my whole human life. A feeling of sadness, losses, relieved, happy and many more that cannot be expressed in writing but can be described as a bowl of soup of life.

The sudden  passed away of my beloved sister in law shocked me and all of our big families and today I can still feel an emptiness in my heart. Just like when I have to deal with my mother's. This sadness mixed with relieved every time I remember her pain during her unconsciousness-es.

This week also I am involved in 1st Indonesia Bead Swap  arranged by Manik Jawa and have a very merry friend, Ika Motemanika Beads. Me and Ika exchanged a mixture of beads to make soup of beads..... beads in many forms just like beads of life which consitst of beads for happiness, sadness, hope, pain, relieved, beauty, suffer etc.

We're not allowed to show the beads up til 9th of February so although I and Ika has finished sending each other our mixture of beads,  we can't show you our beads. To make you more curious these are what I sent to her

And these what I get from her

Curious???? Wait until 9th of February 2013

6 Jan 2013

Brooches for a good friend.....

My friend in the office like to put brooch as an accent of her dress and hijab ("kerudung"). So, I made 4 brooches and 2 pin brooches for her. Too bad I don't have the picture of the pin brooches. I used stones and flowers from Dnayra Sweet. The last four brooches are these:

2 Jan 2013

End of the year projects

 I think I was very productive during end of this year. I made totally 12 brooches and 4 pendants for friends and families, and  of course for myself. It is started when I found out that my netting was really bad. I  compared my works with friends who took lessons at the same time with me and I still left behind. Other reason was my husband started mentioning about how I bought lots of stones just to put them in the shoe boxes. So, one day I promised my self that instead of buying stones I would turn them into brooches and pendants. And these are they.... the two months brooches and pendants. Can you see the difference in my netting? I think I can do the netting better now. But still I always confuse doing netting near the top/beginning/end of the wire.

The first four are pendants, the rest are brooches (I put 4 brooches, ordered by a friend - Yeti- to different article.... just to make the pictures in this article less confusing). I bought the stones from Dnayra Sweet and the Druzy from Fifi Prinz (also known as Juna Lee).