27 Jan 2013

7th Bead Soup Blog Party - The Registration

Wowwwww...... I can't believe that I'll be a part of a party that is sooo famous..... bead soup blog party was started by Lori Anderson and this year is the 7th! The participants are almost reach 500 from all over the world. Could you imagine how big is the party.... and I am a part of it.There is my name in this link http://www.prettythingsblog.com/2013/01/sign-ups-are-open-for-7th-bead-soup.html

I have thinking of my soup for several days..... and I starting to choose of what I will send to my partner.Hopefully it will be a nice blend of ingredients that can make a tasty and hot soup.

La...la...la.... I feel like dancing....

Nowww.... let's start preparing the soupppp ingredients .....

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