2 Jan 2013

End of the year projects

 I think I was very productive during end of this year. I made totally 12 brooches and 4 pendants for friends and families, and  of course for myself. It is started when I found out that my netting was really bad. I  compared my works with friends who took lessons at the same time with me and I still left behind. Other reason was my husband started mentioning about how I bought lots of stones just to put them in the shoe boxes. So, one day I promised my self that instead of buying stones I would turn them into brooches and pendants. And these are they.... the two months brooches and pendants. Can you see the difference in my netting? I think I can do the netting better now. But still I always confuse doing netting near the top/beginning/end of the wire.

The first four are pendants, the rest are brooches (I put 4 brooches, ordered by a friend - Yeti- to different article.... just to make the pictures in this article less confusing). I bought the stones from Dnayra Sweet and the Druzy from Fifi Prinz (also known as Juna Lee).

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