3 Feb 2013

1st Indonesia Bead Swap - Reveal day

Remember my post on the 1st Indonesia Bead Swap by Manik Jawa ? Because all participants have sent and received the beads.... and eager to see what each other sent and received so the Reveal Day is change to today the 3rd of February 2013. All are beautiful..... some sent the beads they made and they are awesome *wow..wow... and wow*... and the pictures which put in Manik Jawa facebook were wowwww too.... amazing to see their talent including in photography.

Me... I am not too good in photography and I don't have a good camera, only my blackberry camera... so I used PAINT to make it a little bit different from my usual picture.

So these are the beads I received from my partner Motemanika Beads.

There are three dominant colors, white, blue and maroon. I received four focals and I love the ceramic focal with flower and the three oval beads with two colors, creme and maroon. She also send me two types of metal beads as spacer. What surprised me is the brown "wood" ring form with flower clay and brown wire. It is so cool...I think my picture of beads I received is too small, so it might be difficult to see the beauty of the beads. Like the white beads at the bottom left, they are very beautiful rose. I should take a bigger picture and I think I will do that before I make something from the beads.

What I sent? This is the picture took by Ika, because I forgot to take the picture before sending the beads.

My beads are from Almas Beads Manik JawaDnayra SweetV2 Accessories by Fifi Prins and Studio Manik.

Now, I am thinking of what I should make........ thinking...... thinking....... see you soon...... thinking.......

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