25 Feb 2013

7th Bead Soup Blog Party - The Soup Ingredients

I've received my bead soup this afternoon......I was still in my office and I couldn't wait to open the envelope... I really was excited, After the envelope, there was a paper wrapping...... It wrapped beautifully with a lilac paper and a beautiful butterfly, silk color ribbon, and a picture of a dancing fairy. This is it

And then I opened the wrapping...... and there they were the beautiful ingredients of a bead soup.....the color is in the tone of golden brownish with silver toggle clasp and connectors (metal beads). And the focal... it is very special. I love it very much..... for me the shape of the focal is similar to Platypus. I should ask Liz, whether I am right.

This is my bead soup from Liz Jones, Australia..... after a long journey from Port Kembla to Jakarta,

Beautiful and cute isn't it? Love the color very much.... this is my favorite color after green, and I use this color on almost all of my clothes :). And look at the focal..... beautiful isn't it.

I have something in my mind, but I am still unsure. But yes, when I saw the beads I almost at that time thinking of grabbing my tools and started to work. And this is because I love them so much.....

Now about Platypus. According to wikipedia, it  is a semiaquatic mammal mostly live in eastern Australia, including Tasmania. This is a very special kind of mammal because it lays eggs instead of giving birth. And it has an unusual appearance which is the combination of a duck (it has a beak), a beaver (the tail) and an otter (the feet). This is the picture of a real Platypus:

Interesting isn't it.... This is so special from Australia.

Now about my bead soup that I sent to Liz, this is the picture. I put three main colors, brownish, greenish, and oranges to give more choices for Liz (and because I have a little paranoia of the missing beads in the journey). These bead soup are from Manik Jawa and Dnayra Sweet, while the toggle clasps are from Studio Manik.

And if you are wondering what everybody sent and received, please browse the pinterest http://pinterest.com/limamike/7th-bead-soup-blog-party-participants-only/and facebook http://www.facebook.com/groups/BeadSoupCafe/559629324061912/?notif_t=group_activity. Lori uses both media to put all the pictures of the soups and later the end results.


LiliKrist said...

She made her own focal?

Ahowin said...

Very beautiful soup, I am sure you going to make a wonderful design with.

Elizabeth Jones said...

Thanks Diah, I am so happy you love your soup. I can't wait to see what you create with it!

Delennyks said...

What a beautiful thing to do.Your soups are obviously blended with so much love and thought for each other...I really enjoyed reading this and seeing how a common bond can span the miles..xxx