15 Feb 2013

Again..... A Challenge......

Just now Manik Jawa announced the participants of a new challenge called 1st Tantang Dirimoe which means Challenge yourself. And the challenge is to make the Raden Saleh famous painting In Letzter Not, which you can see in her article, as an inspiration of whatever art you make.

I love art, although I really am aware that I am not an artist at all and have not, even just a little, a taste, a feeling or an eye as an artist....But still I love all beautiful things, God creations and human made. And this painting is so beautiful and whenever I see it my adrenalin rise just to imagine the feeling of the man in the painting. This is the picture I copied from Manik Jawa.

In Letzter Not, 1842
Oil on canvas
154cm x 168.5cm
Raden Sarief Bastaman Saleh (1807 - 1880)

So, back to the challenge ...... we should make this painting as an inspiration,  from all possible perspectives  as long as it is not a reproduction of the painting. We can take only the color or the form or anything from this picture for our handmade product.

The names of the participant is listed here and I am one of them. Although.... yes you're right... I don't have any idea what to make by seeing the painting. But this is a challenge, and like any other challenge I have to let go my imagination to the unlimited possibilities. Today, while this is weekend and I have a whole day just to myself, I think I will think about it.....

Before close this blog for today, I like to give credit to and congratulate Manik Jawa who has made and initiate this challenge. You're awesome and have lots of amazing ideas.

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