16 Feb 2013

Green green grass......

Remember the song (this is really a very old song...... maybe sang in 1950-1960) Green Green Grass of Home? I searched in the YouTube and found out that it sang by Tom Jones. I downloaded for you the video by Tom Jones and Engelbert Humperdink.... with the lyrics.

Yesterday I made a brooch and a hijab pin with the color resemble the grass in the picture. When I see the green color of the druzy used and the rose clay, they reminds  me of grass, even I can smell the sweetness of the grass.... it gives a feeling of fresh air, and also coolant for eyes....

The brooch made from 2 different sizes of druzy stones, a rose clay, metal beads (small) and silver wire from Scientific Wire Company for the 0.3 mm and Artistic Wire for the 1.02 mm (18 ga). The 0.3 mm wire is stiff and hard to bend. So, my netting is not in the same sizes for each wire drawn. I should practice more on using those wire, to make my hands used to it. One thing that also I should exercise more is on making symmetrical jewelry. It is difficult for me, my hands and my mind don't like to do something that is in order..... They like to move wherever they like to go..... So, the picture shows exactly what I mean.

This hijab pin is made from rose clay, green glass beads, green "shell like" glass bead with picture of pink flower, and 2 forms of metal leaves. This is not too difficult to make. I think I already overcome my difficulty to bend the "needle" pin.

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