9 Feb 2014

Be Careful when opening this site

Please be careful when opening my site. Someone has put a pop-up ads which will bring you to his/her page. I still have no idea how to remove the ads and taking back my blog, but I really hope this person will be ashamed to his/her behavior which is taking something that is not belong to his/hers


asri wahyuningsih said...

Saya kok bisa bisa lihat postingan dengan biasa ya mb?
atau add-nya muncul kalau kita search nama2 blog di goggle ya?
Soalnya saya juga mengalami hal serupa, misalnya sy search asri's beadswork. Nah ketika saya klik kesana tp belum masuk via goggle account muncul add serupa.

Diah Anggreni said...

Mb Asri, kalau dibuka saja ga masalah asal ga sign in. Begitu klik sign in langsung muncul ad-nya. Dan waktu di klik cancel ad-nya ngilang sama2 dg blognya ngikutan ilang jg

ACBeads said...

Hi Diah! I'm sorry this is happenning to your blog. In fact, the template you use is the same as mine. It's the Watermake template from Blogger.
I think I have found what has happened that is wrong, because I googled it and found it, I'm no expert.
This Portuguese site (http://seniortec.blogs.sapo.pt/26679.html) is saying that some bloggers are reporting that the pop-up ad for Buddyhost.info is showing at their blogs. The solution is to remove the calendar widget. I hope this helps.

Diah Anggreni said...

Dear Anna, thank you very much for your information., I will try to do it