3 Jun 2014

3 Serangkai dalam Aksi

Together with Jane Pranata from Cherry Eve and Lili Krist from Personal Collection, we challenge ourselves to make design or series of design from beads sent by each of us. We call us Triumvirate in Action or in Bahasa Indonesia 3 Seangkai dalam Aksi.

We already started since last month April 2014 with Lili as the beads sender and these were the beads that she sent:

The yellow beaded beads were handmade by Lili.

And I made these

For May, it was my turn to send the beads and these were the beads:

My theme was "All about Turquoise" and I handmade the wire crochet beads and the clasps.

This is my design for this challenge

This month I was in love with beads embroidery using cabochon (this is my 2nd time I used this technique) ...so that was I made for the last 2 designs. However I can't forget the wire, so I put a little bit of wire to make accent for the bead chain. To tie the bead chain I use the blue rope.

For designs made by my two friends please go to this page Lili Krist and Jane Pranata

And now I wait with excitement for the beads send by Jane...


LiliKrist said...

wooowww...I never think about that way for the shell stick. Those beads truly challenging and Jane + you succeed to conquer it. Love the final result =)

Diah Anggreni said...

Thank you sist Lili...thank you for making this event... it really push my creativity and make me really excited to find out what are everyone in the group creates

Obat Penurun Berat Badan Alami said...

nice and perfect